Why hello there, darling.

Everything happens for a reason. Synchronicities are everywhere. The Universe is talking to you continually — do you hear it?

Rhiannon LlewellynSince we’re just meeting, let me tell you a bit about me … and then I’ll tell you a bit about you.

I’m a delicious conundrum.

A loves-the-world badass motherfucker who swears like a sailor.

A homeschooled eldest child, sheltered in the evangelical church and raised on homegrown food and old-fashioned guilt.

A barefoot tree-loving mother of four, spiritual seeker, lover of the Divine in all forms.

I left the guilt behind along with the worst of my childhood, took the best of it with me, and have created a completely new life around my loves: my children, my sweetheart, my spiritual self, my work, my many passions.

You are sometimes multipassionate, always fully dedicated.

You are deep-feeling, intensely smart, sensitive wise self-conscious and brilliant.

You cloak your best self in shreds of old beliefs.

You wear your heart on your sleeve but are always surprised when someone sees it.

I see it. I see you. I know who you are.

Step into my world, lovely. Come with me and live as your best self.