Meet Rhiannon

I’m Rhiannon, and this is my website.

I am a writer, speaker, coach, consultant, branding expert, and lover of all things business and marketing.

I’m also a mother of four, three of whom are in school out of school for the summer. My youngest daughter and I hang out during the day while I write, design, talk on Twitter and Facebook and my websites, and try to keep the apartment from cluttering up. We live with my sweetheart, in Lansing Michigan.

I like you because you don’t fit the mold either.

I’m a gamer and a reader and an occasional fiction writer. I love poetry and photography and ridiculous movies. I enjoy organizing grocery lists and a month’s worth of menus. Spreadsheets make me all hot and bothered.

Let’s hang out:

My Twitter account. My Facebook fan page. My Google+ account.

Metanoia Digital, for website design and development, marketing strategy, and identity/brand creation. The Metanoia Digital fan page.

I email people, too.

I love to write emails. Join my list (with tickyboxes for what you really want from me), and sit back and enjoy what rolls into your inbox, sweetheart.

Want to email ME for a change? Write to me at, please and thank you.

Anything else? Want to hire me, ask a question about my work, or do you just really enjoy email? Knock yourself out, darling.